A Special Message for Interior Designers…

Locust Leaf photo by Jay Snively

As an interior designer, you strive for:

  • A finished design product that looks exactly like you visualized
  • A thrilled client
  • A profit
  • A process you enjoy

I can support you in achieving those goals by providing fine-art photography prints. Photography often has impact that other forms of 2D art cannot match and your clients will appreciate the meticulously presented archival prints.

Print sizes can be adjusted to fit your needs and in some cases the color of a given image can be modified to blend with the room’s color palette giving you the versatility to craft your projects with greater ease.

Allow me to be a resource to make your projects even more wonderful. My role is to help you succeed.

See details below.

Best Regards,

Jay Snively

A little bit about Jay Snively here.

To-the-trade pricing – My wholesale price to interior designers is 25% off retail. I protect my wholesale accounts by making sure my pieces are not offered to the public below retail. The wholesale price of my work ranges from $108 to $360 ($144 to $480 retail) for the most common sizes.

A vendor who’s easy to work with – I’m easily accessible by email, phone, postal mail, and text. I return messages within 48 business hours and usually sooner. I will always be available to address any concerns you may have after the sale.

A business mindset – Yes, I’m an artist but I have many years’ experience in a business environment. I understand you’re running a business and what it takes to make that business a success. My goal is to support you to that end.

Materials – All my materials are archival, ensuring the longest practical life. My prints are created with by the inkjet process using some of the finest inks made. The photographic paper comes from Germany, produced by a company founded in 1584.

Latvian-made UV filtering glass is used in my framed prints to protect from damaging UV light. I make all of my own prints and all are numbered and signed as part of a limited edition series.

Subject matter – While much of what I do is abstracts and nature details, I also have a good selection of more traditional subject matter. My intent is to make art more accessible by filling the void between the difficult-to-grasp art found in serious museums and the ubiquitous landscape and wildlife photos.